Goals and activities

Project goals in the area of energy performance of power transformers:

In perspective and with specific reference of power transformers, INTAS project aims to:

  • Support European Member State MSAs deliver compliance
  • Support industry to be sure of what their obligations are under the Ecodesign Directive and to deliver compliance
  • Foster a common European approach to the delivery and verification of compliance.

Project activities in brief:

To achieve these goals the work program has been structured on four main activities:

  • Analysis of the existing testing avenues in Europe and the rest of the world
  • Definition of the process and methodology by which MSAs can identify, select, and evaluate large, industrial power transformers
  • Evaluation of the compliance assessment methodology
  • MSA collaboration and strategic capacity buildingIn addition to dissemination and communication.

Landscape of testing avenues

This activity analyses in depth the existing testing avenues in Europe and the rest of the world, and explores test standards, facilities, procedures and methods already in place to help:

  • EU and worldwide MSAs to set up a sustainable and effective market verification of energy performance compliance and information requirements
  • EU and worldwide Standardisation bodies to amend actual standards for energy performance compliance and information requirements
  • EC to enhance Eco-design policy measures on energy performance of power transformers

These activities are preliminary for defining a common approach at European level, which addresses MSA methods and tests convergence as well as synergies by mutualizing the means of testing at EU scale.

These activities are finalized to define the state of the art existing at EU and worldwide level, useful to derive indications on elements and criteria for a common approach at European level suitable for MSAs to perform a practicable but effective market verification of large products, evaluating and taking into account the real constraints in doing this type of action, for example:

  • Power transformers cannot be removed from service for the purposes of verification testing because of high costs of out of service
  • Difficulties/costs/impossibility to transport power transformers for testing purposes to specific locations
  • Compliance of testing procedures with current technical and legislative prescriptions
  • Current available testing possibilities for power transformers around Europe

The main scope is to provide the elements to help European MSA to set up a system for market verification of power transformers not requiring duplication of lab activities, putting together and syncing the needs and the activities of the main actors involved in the process, i.e. MSA themselves, labs, manufacturers, purchasers/users and importers.