INTAS Project 5 th Half - yearly progress summary: April – October 2018

​The INTAS project started in March and will conclude in February 2019. It involves 16 European partners, among which 11 are national MSAs or cooperating organisations and the remainder are technical partners. This document is the fifth half-yearly status report of the INTAS project.It is intended to provide external stakeholders with a summary of the project and progress made by the project consortium within the fifth six monthly period of the project.

Within the fifth six-monthly project period the project partners have for example:

• Held a set of national focal point meetings with national stakeholders concerned with the industrial fan and power transformer sectors

• Maintained and extended contacts with a wide variety of relevant stakeholders (Market Surveillance Agencies, testing laboratories, accreditation authorities, standardisation bodies, product regulators, industrial and commercial actors, technical experts and NGOs)

• Continued to foster contacts with key EU market surveillance processes and related projects including making preparations to present the latest findings to the members of the Ecodesign ADCO

• Advanced the project technical work on the evaluation of the INTAS Eocdesign compliance assessment methodology, including:

- Conducting a practical evaluation of the complete INTAS market surveillance methodology for industrial fans and drafting the final version

-Conducting a practical evaluation of the complete INTAS market surveillance methodology for industrial power transformers

​- Conducting an evaluation of the costs, benefits and new methods of testing, and common issues found in large product testing

- Drafting of policy recommendations for fut ure regulation of large and industrial products, etc.


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